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Space exploration begins at home.

Our Mission

We are a US-based international non-profit that promotes cooperative exploration of space, examines life as a planetary process, and enables a sustainable future on Earth. Our mission is to cultivate scientific innovation and entrepreneurship by engaging with lifelong learners.


More Information

We are a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 2009.

We use our initiatives to:
  • Promote the "Blue Marble" as a symbol of international unity in space exploration.
  • Increase international awareness, education and collaboration in space exploration.
  • Advance and preserve international awareness of our planet, its resources and its people.
  • Improve human condition on Earth.
  • Facilitate the synergy of technology with the environment.
  • Develop the capability for the human exploration of space.
  • Understand humanity's origin and future, and its place in the universe.

Our Code of Ethics represents our ongoing efforts at articulating the practical principles that guide our organization, regardless of social, economic, or political pressures, toward a better and more sustainable future.

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