Blue Marble Space

Space exploration begins at home


Flagship Initiatives

One Flag in Space

One Flag In Space seeks to promote the use of the "Blue Marble" as a symbol of international unity in space exploration. It is a symbol that anyone, anywhere in the world can relate to, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin or religious beliefs, yet does not require political collaboration between space-faring nations.

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS) is the scientific research arm of Blue Marble Space. Our members constitute a distributed network of scientists across the world. BMSIS leverages this network to integrate research across disciplinary boundaries and facilitate scientific conversations with the public in both traditional and innovative ways.


SAGANet is a platform for educators, learners, scientists and science-enthusiasts to engage in the excitement of astrobiology-related science. Our mission is to uplift the scientific endeavor by empowering meaningful and authentic public engagement in scientific exploration and to foster a positive culture of public engagement among scientists.


GreenSpace is a permaculture center that provides Pennsylvania and Delaware with nutritious and ethically grown produce. GreenSpace applies the latest research in sustainable agriculture to enable efficient urban farming and develop experimental practices for long-term human spaceflight.


Sciworthy is a science news site for the everyday person to better understand science. Content on Sciworthy comes directly from scientists and provides a direct connection between researchers the public.


The Explainables are a diverse team of communicators dedicated to supporting fellow scientists in their efforts to contribute to the social dialogue about their work.

Habitable Press

Habitable Press is a publishing imprint for Earth, space, and the future. We are operated by scientists and educators who are passionate about bridging the gap between academic and everyday knowledge. Our goal is to increase the accessibility of creative works that apply knowledge of the Earth and space sciences toward thinking about the future.

The Wrinkled Brain Project

The Wrinkled Brain Project brings problem solving and critical thinking skills into the science classroom through genuine science inquiry. We want to help you teach science as science is really done, in a way that no one has ever tried before.

Ad Astra Academy

Ad Astra Academy is a unique education, outreach, and development project that brings the excitement of exploration to students in some of the most underserved regions of the world. We promote self-directed and inquiry-based learning, tapping into students' natural curiosity to re-calibrate their relationship with the unknown and unlock their boundless potential.

New Zealand Astrobiology Network

The New Zealand Astrobiology Network is dedicated to promoting astrobiology awareness, education, and research across New Zealand.

Astrobiology India

Astrobiology India is a newtork of scientists dedicated to encouraging, assisting, and promoting astrobiology research in India. We also help provide access to programs in astrobiology education and outreach around the world.

Spaceward Bound India 2016

Spaceward Bound India is an educational program developed at NASA Ames Research Center. This brings astrobiologists, scientists and students together to a remote, extreme environment to explore and understand how microbial communities sustain themselves in such biospheres. Earlier expeditions have been to Mohave Desert, Idaho, North Dakota, Australia, New Zealand, Polar regions. For the 2016 edition, we have decided to visit Ladakh, India.